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  • Top royalty jurisdictions Datum06.10.2023 11:48
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    Given that within the European Union there are no withholding taxes on IP royalties between member states, we can suggest a number of countries where royalties are particularly advantageous.

    The intellectual property royalties tax regime in Cyprus has changed as a result of the recommendations of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Action Report 5 and the Ecofin Council conclusions published on 8 December 2015. Legislation has been changed to limit the companies that can benefit from research and development (R&D) exemptions, but the tax rate in Cyprus is still one of the most favorable in the EU for foreign companies using Cyprus intellectual property want to license -resident companies (intermediaries), where this right is then sub-licensed to the end user. Overall, the effective tax on IP royalty income should be less than 2.5%.

    In 2015 Ireland introduced an effective corporation tax rate of 6.25% on intellectual property income based on an allowance for research and development costs borne by the company. By linking the two components in this way, Irish law encourages companies to conduct R&D directly within the EU - leading to the creation of intellectual property - while discouraging them from acquiring licenses without directly committing to R&D.

    Belgium has introduced a tax system that favors those with income from acquired copyrights. This tax regime can have many different applications and can be used to protect artworks as well as a useful tax break for IT developers. Income from IP rights royalties is taxed at 15%. This income is not taken into account when calculating social security contributions. In addition, these taxes are reduced by 50% for imports due to the application of standard import costs. The first €15,000 that a copyright owner earns in a year is therefore taxed at 7.5%, and the next €15,000 at 11.25%. This tax system applies to people with a total annual income of up to 56,450 euros.

    In general, corporate tax in Luxembourg is 29.22%, but for IP licensing income it can be as low as 5.8%. This is due to an 80% corporate income tax exemption. Interestingly, this exemption also applies to companies that have registered a patent for use in connection with their own business, which then calculate a notional net income as if they had received the licensing income.

    Italy is a larger market compared to the other countries discussed and can be a very attractive place for a company to invest in R&D since 2015 companies have been able to deduct intellectual property income from their taxable income base. The tax deduction was set at 30% in 2015, 40% in 2016 and 50% from 2017. Businesses will therefore enjoy a significant tax rebate by reducing their taxable income.

    Since 2010, IP income has been taxed at only 5% in the Netherlands. Except for patents, there is no income limit. Patent holders can actually have access to this tax regime if their share of the expected revenue is between 30% and 70%, taking into account the total combined revenue from patents and other sources. These rates also apply to foreign companies owning intangible assets or companies that have received research and development accreditation from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs if they are owners of software IP or trade secrets. The only other caveat to this favorable tax regime is that it doesn't apply to marketing and branding-related assets.

  • Trading account Datum25.05.2023 14:03
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    Trading accounts are opened with a bank or other financial institution and are usually managed by an investment dealer. While stocks are traditionally the most common financial instrument held in a trading account, it can also hold cash, including foreign face values and other financial instruments such as bonds, options, commodities, futures and derivatives.

    Trading involves frequent buying and selling of financial instruments with the goal of generating returns that outperform the buy and hold strategy, which is a fairly common strategy in investing. Trading profits are usually made by buying at a low price and selling at a higher price over a short period of time. Trading profits can also be made by selling at a high price and buying at a lower price to cover the position. This is called a "short selling" strategy, which is executed in a falling market.

    Trading Account Features
    Both individuals and companies can open trading accounts and deposit a certain amount of money to execute trades. The minimum deposit amount is usually set by the financial institution and sometimes even by state regulations.

    While trading accounts are typically considered for shorter-term transactions than investment accounts with a broker, there is no specific rule defining the boundary between them. The period of time that an open position is held on a trading account is based on a strategy executed by the trader. A position trader can hold an open position for months to several years. Swing traders typically hold positions open for days to several weeks, while day and scalp traders do not hold positions overnight.

    Before opening a trading account, it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with different types of trading accounts and other options available. The easiest way to open a trading account is to visit an online brokerage website. There you will find all the information about the services offered including trading accounts.

  • Demographics of Czech RepublicDatum08.04.2023 12:50
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    The total population of the Czech Republic is 10,625,250 people. The people of the Czech Republic speak the Czech language. The linguistic diversity of the Czech Republic is diverse according to a fractionation scale, which is 0.3233 for the Czech Republic. The average age is around 40.9 years. Life expectancy in the Czech Republic is 78. The female fertility rate in the Czech Republic is 1.5. Around 33% of the population of the Czech Republic is obese. Ethnic diversity is diverse according to a fractionation scale, which is 0.3222 for the Czech Republic. Details of the language, religion, age, gender distribution and advancement of the people of the Czech Republic can be found in the sections below, as well as the section on education in the country.

    In the Czech Republic, the population density is 133 people per square kilometer (346 per square mile). Based on these statistics, this country is considered densely populated. The total population of the Czech Republic is 10,625,250 people. The Czech Republic has approximately 405,093 foreign immigrants. Immigrants in the Czech Republic account for 0.2 percent of the total number of immigrants worldwide. Immigrants in the Czech Republic account for 4 percent of the total number of immigrants worldwide. The ethnic diversity of the Czech Republic is diverse according to a fractionation scale based on ethnicity. Ethnic Fractionation (EF) deals with the number, size, socioeconomic distribution, and geographic location of diverse cultural groups, usually within a state or some other demarcated area. Specific cultural characteristics can refer to language, skin color, religion, ethnicity, customs and traditions, history, or other distinctive criteria, alone or in combination. These characteristics are often used for social exclusion and power monopolization. The index of ethnic fractionation in the Czech Republic is 0.3222. This means that there is some diversity in the Czech Republic, although all people can still be divided into a relatively small number of major ethnic groups. EF is usually measured as 1 minus the Herfindahl concentration index of ethnolinguistic group proportions, which reflects the probability that two randomly drawn individuals from the population belong to different groups. The theoretical maximum of EF of 1 means that each person belongs to a different group. Read below Czech Republic statistics on average age and gender distribution at different ages.

    The average age is around 40.9 years. The average age of men is 39.6, the average age of women is 42.3.

    The sex ratio, or number of males per female (estimated at birth), is 1.059. It can be further broken down into the following categories: sex ratio below 15 - 1.06; sex ratio from 15 to 64 - 1.01; sex ratio over 64 - 0.66; Overall sex ratio - 0.95. The overall sex ratio differs from the sex ratio estimated at birth. This is because some newborns are included in the sex ratio estimated at birth, but die within the first few weeks of life and are not included in the overall sex ratio.

    The majority religion in the Czech Republic is Christianity, whose adherents make up 23.3% of all religious believers in the country. Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as presented in the New Testament. Christianity is the largest religion in the world with over 2.4 billion followers known as Christians. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of mankind, whose coming as Christ or Messiah was prophesied in the Old Testament. Besides Christianity, there are several other religions in the country. Other religions in the Czech Republic are Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism. The religious diversity of the Czech Republic is quite diverse according to a fractionation scale based on the number of religions in the Czech Republic. The index of religious fractionation in the Czech Republic is 0.6591. This score means that there are several major religions evenly distributed in the Czech Republic.

  • North American companiesDatum07.01.2023 14:33
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    There is always the possibility that a company will need a legal structure based in North America. Whatever your goals – data protection, tax planning, holding – Confidus Solutions will help you start a business. The Bahamas is a great jurisdiction for tax planning purposes. The most common corporate forms are domestic limited companies, typically used for local business; Limited liability company, which should have at least two members; and joint-stock company, which should have at least three directors and is subject to auditing. Belize offers a variety of legal structures including private companies, limited liability partnerships, sole proprietorships, public investment companies, and trust funds. Panama offers several different types of legal entities that provide multiple vehicles to achieve your personal and business goals and create an appropriate corporate structure.

  • Infrastructure of SwedenDatum12.11.2022 13:01
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    The logistics performance index of Sweden is 3.96. It indicates good performance - the logistics system is well prepared and organized, shipments mostly arrive on time and are not damaged, and the infrastructure is ready to handle even unpredictably large volumes of traffic as long as they are not overwhelming.

    Customs performance is rated at 3.75. This indicates good performance - customs clearance is fast and effective, in some cases it may not exist at all (e.g. at the borders of the Schengen area), which encourages international business activity; The required documents and fees are predictable and publicly available and in some cases (mainly related to visas) can be arranged at the customs office.

    The infrastructure quality in Sweden is rated at 4.09. It indicates good quality - roads, railways, ports and other facilities are adapted and regularly maintained to be able to handle high traffic at all times, and most likely there are special facilities to deal with high-intensity and/or special traffic or vehicles ( e.g. highways a.k.a. freeways and deep-water ports).

    International shipping quality is 3.76. This indicates good performance - the prices and quality of international shipping services are quite good, attracting foreign customers as the first choice for international transfers.

    The competence of logistics service providers is rated at 3.98. Providers are very competent – ​​they ensure high quality of shipments and traffic management at all times, work quickly and reliably; Any errors that may occur are readily compensated.

    Tracking options for shipments are rated at 3.97. This indicates good performance – the tracking systems provide detailed and up-to-date information on most shipment parameters, often crossing national (both political and linguistic) barriers and can be qualified as international tracking systems.

    Tracking options are rated 4.26. This indicates good performance - shipments almost always arrive within scheduled time frames and often faster than expected.

    In Sweden, 100% of the population has access to electricity. Sweden has 231 airports nationwide. There are 5,978,000 internet hosts in Sweden. The number of road motor vehicles per 1000 inhabitants in Sweden is 573.

    Road network
    The total length of roads in Sweden is 579,564 km (360,201 miles). Of these, 2,050 km (1,274 miles) of roads are classified as freeways, dual carriageways, or freeways.

    Gas price
    On average, a liter of petrol costs USD 1.82 in Sweden. A liter of diesel would cost $1.42.

  • Shelf company in AustraliaDatum15.10.2022 17:19
    Thema von GibsonJack im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in...

    Buy, register or acquire a new or finished company with the help of Confidus Solutions. We provide full business and legal support when starting a new business or purchasing a finished business. Our areas of expertise include commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, contract law, tort law, intellectual property law, tax law, accounting and other business-related services. For more than 10 years, Confidus Solutions has brought together business and legal experts dealing with acquisitions and company registration in more than 150 countries.

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